Hornbill Garden Hotel

Brilliant Treasure


The Hornbill Garden Hotel is build into a top cultural hotel based on respect for Islamic culture,
highlighting Brunei's historical and cultural heritage, people's comfortable living system and free jungle culture.
The logo system of Hornbill Garden Hotel takes the head of Brunei Hornbill as the prototype, extracts distinctive elements
and extends them, and carries out modern design combination.
Make a hotel logo with Brunei characteristics; the auxiliary graphics are inspired by the popular Malay Muslim clothing
and architecture in Brunei.
Metal Material Quality craftsmanship presents high standards of quality hotels, simple atmospheric lines with pure color,
so that visitors can feel the charm of colorful Brunei culture at the same time.
It is also hoped that visitors will experience the brand culture of Hornbill Garden Hotel and enjoy the high-end tourism
experience given by high brand value.

Thank you.